Where the Heart Lies

Sermon delivered on Ash Wednesday (3/1/17).

If you were to ask what Lent means to me, like a good recovering Catholic I would tell you that Lent first and foremost is about eating fish on Fridays. As a child, I never looked forward to giving up meat during Lent because I was a picky eater and didn’t care for fish; now that I am older and slightly less picky, when I browse food blogs and see a good recipe for shrimp or tilapia I think, “This would be really good for Lent”.

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The Holiest of Weeks, Revisited

The significance of me coming back to church during the Lenten season is not lost on me (I hope); this is a time when Christians all over the world turn their focus inward, to examine the blockages in their hearts that prevent them from fully dedicating themselves to Christ. It’s been a very deep and purifying season for me, and I feel made anew in Jesus.

Lent is now officially over, and the Lord is risen (he is risen indeed, alleluia!), but I wanted to offer some reflections on praying and living through my first Holy Week in 10 years.

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